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Water Droplets


Mentoring for Women  |  Sensitives  |  Menopause  |  Authentic Creativity

Healing Trauma   &    Relationship to Self

Melinda Blair Paterson


Take a breath - Let's look within.


I feel it is a privilege to be with someone and look within.

To gently allow Presence to reveal the answers and insights to us.

Together we will create a safe container, look deeper, and let clarity

reveal a way with, and through, your current life experience. 





A free fifteen minute phone consultation to answer any questions and ensure you feel comfortable for your session.

Ocean Water


Offering practical ways and insights on how you can navigate and empower yourself in life as a sensitive woman.

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Feeling stuck?  Wanting to go deeper?
Let's look together for the unfolding of your authentic creative expression.


Guidance and support during your rite of passage (and sometimes what feels like insanity) of menopause.

In all of my years of inner work and healing, Melinda has come in like a breeze of fresh air that I am utterly grateful to have access to on my path. Her space holding and presence allows a safety that has taken me into a breakthrough in every one of our sessions together, to my own surprise.


I have found that since I have started working with her regularly, the way that I am present and attuned to my body and emotions has become a lot more caring and allowing than ever before. This is creating a sense of self love that I have always yearned for, but until now felt unreachable.


I cannot recommend Melinda’s gentle, nurturing and wise support highly enough for any woman who wants to be free of emotional turmoil and feel safe and empowered within herself.

Tori Reid - Bodyworker


Thank you for contacting me. I will endeavour to reply to you asap. Warmly, Melinda

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