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Mentoring for Women |  Embodied Awareness  |  Meditation Glyphs  

Melinda Blair Paterson


Take a breath - Let's look within.


I feel it is a privilege to be with someone and look within.

To gently allow Presence to reveal the answers and insights to us.

Together we will create a safe container, look deeper, and let clarity

reveal a way with, and through, your current life experience. 



Melinda Feb 2024 v3.jpeg


A one hour session offering a relaxed safe space where you will feel held and supported to gently uncurl into a deeper understanding and connection to Self.


Commission a Meditation Glyph for yourself that is attuned to your energy for guidance, healing and growth.   

In all of my years of inner work and healing, Melinda has come in like a breeze of fresh air that I am utterly grateful to have access to on my path. Her space holding and presence allows a safety that has taken me into a breakthrough in every one of our sessions together, to my own surprise.


I have found that since I have started working with her regularly, the way that I am present and attuned to my body and emotions has become a lot more caring and allowing than ever before. This is creating a sense of self love that I have always yearned for, but until now felt unreachable.


I cannot recommend Melinda’s gentle, nurturing and wise support highly enough for any woman who wants to be free of emotional turmoil and feel safe and empowered within herself.

Tori Reid - Bodyworker


Thank you for contacting me. I will endeavour to reply to you asap. Warmly, Melinda

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