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Take a breath - Let's look within.

I feel it is a privilege to be with someone and look within.

To gently allow Presence to reveal the answers and insights to us.

Together we will create a safe container, to look deeper, and let clarity

reveal a way with, and through, your current life experience.

My gifts, wisdom and skills to offer mentoring for women have been developed over many years of life experience. I am now in my 60s.

The first part of my adult life I worked in corporate and small business across many industries, before moving to Byron Bay 20+ years ago to pursue my spiritual and artistic path. 

My corporate life helped develop a natural talent for practicality, attention to detail, and organisation. My spiritual and artistic path helped foster my innate gifts of intuition, insight, energy work and creativity.

I have owned a business as a vibrational energy healer, modality trainer and visionary artist, before going on to complete a Diploma in Fine Arts and become a practicing professional artist ( for nearly 20 years. 

I lived Non-Violent Communication on a daily basis in a conscious relationship, and trained in the embodying of awareness modality of Focusing and Soul Somatic Experiencing. After 5 years I still practice Focusing on a weekly basis with a buddy, constantly amazed at the levels of awareness and self healing that comes from this unique practice.  

I believe self-enquiry is 'ground zero' for self awareness, and was introduced to it some 35 years ago by my first spiritual teacher. I didn't realise what a gift it was then, but it has shaped me ever since. 

I have weathered the life experiences of childhood trauma, confused adolescence, changing jobs and careers, marriage, divorce, family loss and grief, menopause, heartbreak, homelessness and spiritual seeking. And I have lived an incredibly privileged life of freedom.

Now I feel drawn towards sharing my wisdom through helping others to find theirs.  I am deeply committed to my own journey of awareness as a grounded embodied lived experience.


Melinda and I have been working together collaboratively for the last 7 years and continue to do so. She is absolutely amazing and has helped my business flourish, shine and transform. What I have truly valued as a creative myself is her ability to guide, co-create, mentor and support my business in a fluid and organic way.


She draws from a variety of diverse skills and rich life experience generously offering her depth of knowledge and support with simplicity, clarity and sensitivity. In a world where everything is moving so fast, she has helped me to stay present with the essence of my business remaining true to myself. She is the gold in my business - professional, reliable, fun, truly valued and I am forever grateful.

Karen Wightman - Founder, Creative Yogis

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