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My intention is to help you gain clarity for yourself and your current life experience. Together we will create a safe space for you to  explore what may be creating resistance to your journey of embodied awareness.

I invite you to embrace your courage to meet this in yourself. My approach is honest, practical, light and direct. You will always be supported to remain in your autonomy and observer of your experience. 

The mentoring sessions are usually an hour in duration and can be offered either in-person in Byron Shire or online. The meditation glyphs usually require up to two weeks to receive from date of commissioning. I feel it's important you feel relaxed and safe with the person you are seeking personal guidance and help with. That's why I recommend we have an initial fifteen minute phone consultation to find out if I am the right person for you. Please contact me and I will call you for a quick chat.

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For women that are interested in diving deep

Are you having mystical experiences or feel you are in a dark night of the soul? Have you lost faith in your spiritual teacher, path, or inner guidance? Have all your beliefs and spiritual tools stopped working? Have you been on a spiritual journey for some years now, exploring many paths, workshops, retreats, books, teachers and teachings etc, and yet you are still wondering...


Why am I creating pain and suffering for myself? Why am I still getting so triggered?


Or perhaps life is too challenging at this time and you would simply like some safe space to be heard and to hear yourself, to be really listened too, no matter how crazy it all sounds.

I write these questions because I too have faced them. 

My intention is to offer you a safe space and clear presence for you to share what is challenging you at this time, and encourage your own inner guidance and wisdom of the body to guide you back into clarity, autonomy and healing.

These mentoring sessions are available online via FaceTime or Skype, or in person in the Byron Shire.

Cost - $100 for one hour  


Payment is required via PayPal or direct bank deposit prior to session commencement. 

Meditation Glyph by Melinda Blair Paterson
Meditation Glyph by Melinda Blair Paterson
Meditation Glyph by Melinda Blair Paterson


A tantric offering to assist you go deeper within

These hand-painted artworks, or meditation glyphs as I prefer to call them, are an energy offering to your spiritual and human journey of embodied awakening.  They are intended for use during your meditation or contemplation practice as a tool or guide towards a deeper dive within, helping you to establish a grounded authentic connection to Self, access to inner wisdom, and healing of both your body and being. 

I suggest when you come to commission your glyph we have an initial fifteen minute chat so I can attune to your energy and intention.


I will ask you some questions like - Do you have a current life experience you would like deeper insight about? Do you have a spiritual quality you are trying to embody? Like a more open heart, or a grounded presence. Do you have something you would like healed? Or any other matter that is of importance to you. Don't worry, I will help you come to a clear concise intention for your glyph.

Once I have connected with you and know your intention I take this into my meditation whereby an image or symbol comes to my inner vision. This is drawn and painted including intuitive guidance explaining the relevance of your symbol which I write on the back of the glyph. It is then posted to you in a document folder with tracking via Australia Post. I'll advise you with the tracking number when it is on its way. This process usually takes up to two weeks.

It is recommended you place the glyph somewhere in your personal space where you can view it daily. You may also like to place your hands on the glyph or lay it on your body during rest and/or meditation. After a few days I recommend we have another fifteen minute chat to answer any questions you may have.

If you feel you would like more time to share what has arisen in your awareness since receiving your glyph and guidance, I recommend booking an hour mentoring session which allows me more time, space and presence for you. More details here.

Cost -  $88 for Meditation Glyph artwork only

        -   $188 for Meditation Glyph and Mentoring session

Payment is required via PayPal or direct bank deposit at the time of commissioning your glyph. 


Includes - Energy attunement for setting of intention, artwork on A4 size professional art paper (unframed), explanation of your glyph symbol, two short chats, and parcel post delivery  (within Australia only). If you decide to include a Mentoring session this will include an additional hour together to be guided within for a deepening of connection, awareness and healing.


Overseas delivery destinations are welcome and will be quoted for at time of enquiry.

Meditaton Glyphs Anchor
Mentoring Anchor

Melinda has the capacity of Presence to hold a deeply safe and nurturing space, as one gently unravels the constructs and tangle of the mind.

By offering her wisdom and clear insight, she greatly assists in clarification of what is real and true, supporting me to live life as authentically as possible.

I highly recommend her in supporting you to live your best life in an authentic way.

Yemaya Grace Maitri - Artist

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