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My intention is to help you gain clarity for yourself, your creative ideas and your current life experience. Together we will create a safe space for you to  explore what may be creating resistance to your next step.

I invite you to embrace your courage to meet this in yourself. My approach is honest, practical, light and direct. You will always be supported to remain in your autonomy and observer of your experience. 

These sessions are usually an hour in duration and can be offered either in-person in Byron Shire or online.  

I feel it's important you feel relaxed and safe with the person you are seeking personal guidance and help with.

That's why I recommend we have an initial free fifteen minute phone consultation to find out if I am the right person for you. Please contact me and I will call you for a quick chat.

Mature Woman Portrait


For all women that are riding the heat wave!

My menopause lasted 10 years. I never wanted to go through menopause, in fact, I convinced myself it wasn't going to happen. Well at least not with all that emotional madness and hot flushes I had been told about. And when someone told me at the beginning it would last up to 10 years I was horrified. Never! 


And yet it did. Hot flushes, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, night sweats, irrationality, anger, loss of libido, vaginal dryness... the list goes on. I tried the hormone creams, changed the diet, vitamin supplements,  and eventually went with a good Ayurvedic Naturopath and listened to my body... really listened.


I slowed down, allowed myself to rest, enjoy gentle exercise and the pursuit of all sorts of creative expressions. I found a great psychologist and other women's company to help process what was arising. Especially taking a good hard look at my inner critic and self worth issues. 

The gift of menopause for me was coming to know myself in ways I couldn't have even imaged. To let go of worrying about what others thought of me and how I showed up to the world. A sense of strength, courage, maturity, clarity, healthy boundaries and freedom landed in my embodied awareness.  I'd love to help you land in yours. Let's have a conversation and sharing of wisdom - woman to woman.

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For the doubting Artists, Creatives, & Entrepreneurs

I have been an artist for near on 20 years. During that time I have chased the dream of being famous, studied for formal qualifications, and completely lost my way. I even thought I was over it, finished, and done! But when creativity is truly awakened it can never be done, can it?

So sure enough, the journey continues, the muse whispers her visions to me in my meditations, and the paint, clay, paper, or needle is found in my hands for the pure joy of creativity. I've learnt to surrender, to let go, to put the mind to the side and let something deeper arise and show itself to me, or rather, through me.

I have a strong and embodied intuitive sense of what feels truely authentic and I can help you develop this for yourself. I also have years of business experience and can offer practical ways to get started or go past blocks with your creativity or entrepreneurial ideas.

Ocean Water


Are your sensitivities running the show?

Offering practical ways and insights on how you can navigate and empower yourself in life as a sensitive woman.

I didn't realise I was a sensitive person until late in my adult life. I just always thought I was different and couldn't cope. Then one day I was introduced to the concept of HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and it explained a lot! I've now learnt ways to navigate life and empower myself. To say 'no' or 'not now', and put my needs and well-being first.


I'm happy to share these insights with you and help you discover your own self-empowerment as a sensitive woman.

Sensitives Anchor
Authentic Creativity Anchor
Menopause Anchor

Melinda has the capacity of Presence to hold a deeply safe and nurturing space, as one gently unravels the constructs and tangle of the mind.

By offering her wisdom and clear insight, she greatly assists in clarification of what is real and true, supporting me to live life as authentically as possible.

I highly recommend her in supporting you to live your best life in an authentic way.

Yemaya Grace Maitri - Artist

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